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Steel  structure

Steel structure:
Steel structure is a structure mainly made of steel, is one of main structure styles. Its characteristics are high strength, light deadweight, good stiffness, high deformation, so it is applicable for the large-span, super high, and super heavy buildings. The homogeneous property and isotropic of the material is good. It belongs to ideal elastomer, and mostly accord with the basic assumption of general engineering mechanics. The plasticity and toughness of material is good, so it can be deformed largely, and bear dynamic load well. The time limit is short, and degree of industrialization is high, so it can professionally produced in high degree of mechanization, and can be produced to multi-layer and special-shape building. The biggest characteristic is high security factor, and waste utilization.
The steel structure workshop has light deadweight, base saving, few material, low cost, short time limit, large-span, safe and reliable, beautiful shape, and stable. The steel structure is widely used in large-span industrial workshop, warehouse, refrigeratory, high rise building, office building, multi-layer parking lot, and houses.

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