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aluminum alloyed exposed frame glass curtain wall

Glass curtain wall introduction:
Glass curtain wall is contemporary new type of wall, a building external support structure or decorative structure that supporting structure is composed of a supporting structure with a certain displacement ability, not shared by the main structure. Its most outstanding characteristic is making architectural aesthetics, building function, building energy efficiency and building structure and other factors be organically unified. The building can give people dynamic beauty with the change of sunlight, moonlight, and lighting from different angle.
According to the main structure, the curtain walls have four types as follows:
Exposed glass curtain wall: Exposed glass curtain wall is a kind a curtain wall that the metal frame are posed outside. Relative to hidden frame, it is easy to satisfy the construction needs.
Hidden frame glass curtain wall: The metal frame is hidden back the glass, can’t see outside. Hidden frame glass curtain wall is divided to two types, full hidden frame glass curtain wall and semi hidden frame glass curtain wall. Semi hidden frame glass curtain wall has two types:horizontal exposed, vertical implicit and vertical implicit, horizontal exposed.
Unit curtain wall is meant for the building curtain wall directly installing the structure basic unit made in factory to main structure.
Point-supporting glass curtain wall: point-supporting glass curtain wall is composed of glass panel, point supporting device and supporting structure.

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