Product Detail
A class of 107

keyword:Room temperrature vulcanized methyl silicone rubber

Color and Appearance: Colorless and transparent liquid

  Technical Parameters:

  Viscosity(25°mm2/s):500-1000000;  Volatile(150,3Hs):2%;

  Surface Curing Time: 2Hs

  Performance and Usage:

Excellent electrical properties and chemical stability, water-proof Ozone-proof, weather aging-proof. Widely used in the insulation, shock-proof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, building sealant of electronic components, tooling, mold release of rubber and plastic products, as well as isolating agent etc.

Packaging, Storage and Transportation:

Packaging Specifications: 950kg barreled and 190kg barreled.

Stored in cool and try places, and keep out of contact with acid, alkali. Storage period is a year and a half. Retest if overdue, and the qualified can still be used. This product is non-dangerous.

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