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BLD880 Silicone Structural Sealant (Single-component)
keyword : BLD880 Silicone Structural Sealant (Single-component)

BLD880 is single component silicone structural sealant, neutral solidification, no corrosion to metals, coated glass, concrete and marble (granite); excellent weatherability, 20 years life-span in the common westher condition; good endurance to high and low temperature, high performance between -40℃~150℃; good adhesion to most building materials, high strength, high modulus and high flexibility. Displacement capacity is ±25%.
(1) Structural adhesion and seal for small or lower glass curtain wall, A single assembled component can be formed by sticking the glasses to the metal component directly to meet the design requirement of full or half hidden frame;
(2) Structural adhesion and seal for hollow glass curtain walls.
Use manner
(1) Rinse the surface which you will stick with acetone or other solvent;
(2) Paste the low viscosity adhesive tape on the place that needs protection. Recondition and remove the adhesive tape before the sealant becomes solidifying;.
(3) Product applicability should be comfimed in user’s sole judgement. Please do the compatibility test before official use to make sure that it can stick well with the substrate materials and full the interface, otherwise we are not responsible for any complaints of application.
Should not be used on the oily or oil-leaking, frosty or damp surface and in the airtight places, nor the material surface which the temperature is below 4℃ or above 40℃.
Safety rules
(1) Keep the work field drafty;
(2) In case of contact with eyes, rinse with plenty of water and appeal to the doctor immediately;
(3) Keep away from the children.
Should be stored seperately in cool and dry places, temperature below 27℃.
12 months shelf life since the date of production.
transported as unhazardous goods.
black, white and grey,and color for customers' needs.
soft packing capacity:590mL net content: 778g
hard packing capacity:300mL net content: 410g tare:60g
Product ID
1MGQ GB16776-2005

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